Pyrite Diamond Cut Bracelet

1,850.00 plus GST

Our Pyrite Bracelet, known as Fool’s Gold, symbolizes wealth and good fortune. Wear it on your left hand to attract stability and a regular inflow of wealth.

Pyrite is commonly known as the Fool’s Gold as it is the compound of iron and sulfur whose golden color and metallic luster resemble gold. It is the Symbol of Wealth & Good fortune. This is one of the best stones for manifesting wealth.

Pyrite is a must-have stone for people who want to manifest wealth. Pyrite ensures stability and a regular inflow of wealth.

Wear our energized pyrite bracelet in your left hand to attract wealth and stability into your life.


  • Please wash your hands after touching Pyrite.
  • Pyrite is rusty and not water-friendly, hence keep away from water.


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