Kunzite Crystal Bracelet – 8 mm

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Our Kunzite Bracelet, made of pure kunzite beads, promotes divine love and emotional well-being. It boosts heart health, reduces anxiety, and fosters a connection with positive energy.

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Kunzite is the crystal of divine love and emotion. It is captivating, joyful, and pure in energy. Kunzite is also a heart chakra stone that naturally boosts your circulatory system and overall health. Our very special bracelet made of pure kunzite beads is intricately programmed to usher in unconditional love around you while encouraging you to open your heart to yourself and others. Its soothing violet hues and delicate pink lilac nuances make it a very gentle stone making it apt for children as well. We also recommend keeping it with you during your travels for a comfortable experience.

✨ Other benefits of the Kunzite crystal include:

  1. It assists you with anxiety and depression.
  2. Helps fight your addictions and internal demons.
  3. Helps you connect better to the good energy of the universe.


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