Pyrite Gem Stone

1,550.00 plus GST

Our activated Pyrite GemStone solves financial problems, attracts wealth, and enhances savings. Wear it as a pendant or ring for business and career opportunities.

Pyrite Gem Stone

Solve all your financial problems and manifest the desired amount of money and wealth with our activated and energized Pyrite GemStone.

Wear the precious money Manifestation stones as a pendant or as a ring and change your financial status within weeks.

If you earn well but are not able to save your hard-earned money then Pyrite is your must-have stone. It not only helps to attract money but also helps you save your money and bring you long-term financial benefits.

Pyrite is not just a money magnet but also attracts business and career opportunities.

Pyrite has both earth and fire energies and works on the root chakra which helps in boosting confidence and self-worth.

Pyrite is a great stone to have for manifestation practices too.

Pyrite shields our auric energy field keeping us protected from all kinds of negative energies.


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