Citrine Feng Shui Tree – Business, Wealth & Joy

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Our Citrine Trees with big-size chip beads bring powerful healing energies. Known as the stone of joy and abundance, citrine enhances wealth, business success, and positive energies.

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Introducing our Citrine Trees with big-size chip beads to bring an extra kick of healing energies

Citrine carries the powers of the Sun, hence is called the stone of Joy, Abundance, Fullness of life, New beginning, and warmth in the life of the bearer. It is also called The Merchant’s Stone as its properties help in the increase of wealth and business success. Citrine is the substitute for Pokhraj or Yellow Shaphire which is the ultimate stone for business success. Hence this makes the citrine tree a must-have stone for all business owners. Citrine also helps in combating anxiety stress and depression, Keeping the citrine tree around brings joy, happiness, and positive energies to the space.

Citrine  activates the Root Chakra & Solar Plexus chakra to  radiate energies which  brings your big dreams into physical form

  • Keep the tree in any elevated place in your home, office, or workplace.
  • Smoke cleanse regularly for best results.
  • Best gift for your loved ones to bring luck, new opportunities, and an abundance of wealth into their lives.


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