Education Bracelet – 8 mm

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Enhance focus and success with our 3-in-1 Education Bracelet, featuring Multi Fluorite for concentration, Carnelian for motivation, and Clear Quartz for balanced energies. Ideal for students aged 10 and above.

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Introducing the Education Bracelet – 8 mm, our exclusive 3-in-1 healing bracelet designed for students above ten. This bracelet features three powerful stones:

1. Multi Fluorite: Known as the ultimate stone for concentration and focus, Fluorite is perfect for those who struggle with maintaining focus, decision-making, and feeling distracted. It helps heighten mental abilities, remove mental blocks, and promote clear thinking during studying, research, or presentations, especially in stressful situations.

2. Carnelian: This stone attracts success in all areas of life and encourages confidence in reaching goals. It dispels inappropriate thoughts, improves attention, eliminates mental slowness, enhances alertness, boosts self-esteem, and releases negative emotions while providing a positive outlook.

3. Clear Quartz: Also known as the Universal crystal or master healer, Clear Quartz balances mind and body energies, strengthens the aura, and channels positive energies. It brings clarity of thoughts, aids in making life decisions, and can amplify the power of other crystals and stones.


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