Tree of Wealth and Financial Stability

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Enhance your financial stability with our Tree of Wealth, featuring powerful Pyrite crystals. This Feng Shui tree attracts money, growth, and prosperity, with an included Selenite plate for easy cleansing and charging. Perfect for boosting wealth and ensuring a steady money flow.

Tree of Wealth and Financial Stability


Fenshui’s tree of life represents stability as well as the overall growth in life.
Hence we have loaded our Fenshui tree with the most powerful wealth attraction crystal PYRITE (The Money Magnet) to help you attract money, growth, and financial stability in life.

We have added the selenite plate on the base to save you from the hassle of cleansing and charging the crystals. And made it cost effective too.

We used raw untouched clusters of pyrite which has energetic vibrational properties intact to help you attract money as a magnet 🧲

Once you book your order we will guide you as to how and where to place the tree to harness its potential energy.

✨ Pyrite is known as the stone of wealth.

✨ It attracts abundance and prosperity and ensures money flow.

✨ It provides grounding and nurturing energy.

✨ It gives protection and cleanses away negativity.

✨ Pyrite instills confidence.

✨ It enthralls good luck in business and lures new opportunities.

✨ Pyrite releases negative energy and fears, including fears that may be blocking success.



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