Green Aventurine Raw

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Citrine carries the powers of the Sun, hence is called the stone of Joy, Abundance, Fullness of life, New beginning, and warmth in the life of the bearer. It is also called The Merchant’s Stone as its properties help in the increase of wealth and business success.


Must have stone for all Businesses.


Citrine  activates the Root Chakra & Solar Plexus chakra to  radiate energies which  brings your big dreams into physical form

  • Carry a small cluster in pockets, purses or wallet.
  • Keep a big cluster in the cash box, work Desk, Lockers, Shop to attract wealth
  • Use in money related manifestations, Meditation, Rituals & Magic Spells for focus on attracting all the energies that will help you make your intentions a reality
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Green Aventurine Raw: The Stone of Opportunities

Green Aventurine Raw is known as the stone of opportunities. This powerful crystal not only brings good luck but also opens doors to new opportunities. This vibrant green stone urges you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace new possibilities.

If you’re looking for a job change or trying to manifest something new in your life, Green Aventurine Raw is the crystal for you. Carry a small cluster in your pocket, purse, or wallet during job interviews or business meetings to attract positive outcomes.

For those seeking to attract wealth, place a large cluster of Green Aventurine Raw in your cash box, work desk, lockers, or shop. This powerful stone is ideal for money-related manifestations, meditation, rituals, and magic spells, helping you focus on attracting energies that will turn your intentions into reality.

Experience the transformative power of Green Aventurine Raw and unlock the doors to new opportunities and abundance in your life.



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